We started small but our plans are big

We are driven by our mission to be the homescreen of the entire Arab world.

O­ffering products that fulfill people's dreams is at the heart of what we do.


Our Dream Team Makes our Dream Culture

One of the greatest things about working with noon is the great people we hire. People from 66 di­fferent countries work here - you get to experience so many diff­erent cultures, working styles and stories at work!

Beirut … We're hiring!

In support of Lebanese youth and talent, noon is opening a new hub in Beirut.

Our Culture Code

At noon we live by our culture code. Culture code is what brings us together and sets us apart from the rest. Culture is what makes a space – a place. Culture is what people do without noticing – The fun stu­ff. The unwritten rules. The little quirks. It’s about how the world sees us and how we see our employees. Culture is what keeps everyone happy and leads to some mind blowing work. It’s the secret sauce of successful companies. We don’t just believe in this code, we live by it. We recruit and reward people based on our culture code.

We work hard to get big things done and we know done is better than perfect, talk is cheap so we focus on delivering meaningful and measurable results

We go to great lengths so that the experience we deliver to our customers, sellers and employees is stellar; we listen, and we do our best to help however we can

To pursue what seems impossible, to commit to a cause with little certainty of outcomes, and to accept that we might be wrong sometimes, and to improve every day

For the opportunities we have, recognizing the duty we have towards the mission, and being thankful to our customers, sellers and our colleagues

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